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In-Home – Where you’re the boss!  declares the commitment of Gene and Pat Whitten-Lege’ who founded In-Home Attendant Servicesb (IHAS) 15 years ago.

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• In-Home Attendant Services, LTD.  Statewide CDS Agency

• Watch for exciting 2011 innovations in your CDS services from the most experienced CDSA
in Texas

• Each CDS Employer will have an assigned Employer Assistant with a uniquetoll free phone and fax number to serve you with all
CDS services.  (Payrolll, Budgeting, Criminal History, On-going Support)

• Ability to conduct many CDS functions via Internet such as Budget review/modification/updates, and timesheet submittal.

• Ability to make immediate decisions regarding
bonuses or other
benefit disbursements instantaneously
via Internet

• Employee Paket creation availlable on-line for easier new Employee hiring

• Faster processing of Payroll within four days from date of Timesheet receipt.

• Faster processing of approved reimbursements within five days of request.

• Eliminate postal delays of paper checks through enhanced direct deposit options available for employees without bank accounts through
use of pay card.

• Specific Toll-freeHotline dedicated to the CDS Employer for immediate complaints, concerns or compliments.














black01_next_1.gif OUR MISSION:  To assist individuals to live independently with maximum choice and control in home and community regardless of age or disability.

In-Home Attendant Services (IHAS) offers choice in how your Medicaid funded attendant care services are delivered.  We can train and manage personal assistance services attendants in your home or we can assist you to employ your own staff and direct your own services when you chose the CDS option.  Click on
CDS option to learn more.

This website is devoted to individuals who want to become the Employer of persons working in their home and to take charge of hiring, setting pay rate, etc. within their CDS budget.

black01_next_1.gif WHAT ARE PERSONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES?  Daily living tasks: shopping, food preparation, grooming, bathing, accompaniment, etc.  Many names describe these services: respite, long-term care, homemaker services, in-home support, habilitation, provider services, attendant care, personal assistance services, home health, CDS, FMS, PAS, etc.  To see which tasks can be self-directed in your program click here.

black01_next_1.gif WHAT ARE CONSUMER DIRECTED SERVICES? CDS offers you the opportunity to direct your own attendant care.  You become the employer and are responsible for recruiting, training, managing and firing your attendants.  You set employee pay rates within your authorized budget.  In some instances, you may hire relatives or friends as service workers.  If you wish, you can designate a volunteer friend or relative to help you with one or most of  your Employer duties such as approving budgets, timesheets, and bonuses.  You chose a CDS agency to perform specific duties such as payroll and tax reporting.   

black01_next_1.gif WHAT IS A CDS AGENCY?   In the CDS option, you chose a    CDSA such as IHAS to process your payroll, prepare and file your quarterly and annual federal and state payroll tax returns. IHAS as your CDSA assists you with every step to become the Employer of your staff and provides ongoing support and financial management services (FMS).  

black01_next_1.gif PROGRAMS SERVED:  IHAS offers CDS to participants in the following programs: CAS, CBA, CLASS, DBMD, FC, HCS, MDCP, PCS, PHC, and all Star Plus HMOs: Amerigroup, Bravo, Evercare, Molina, Superior. You have a right to choose your CDSA from a complete list of  CDSAs available in your program and in your area.  To see which tasks can be self-directed in your program click here.

black01_next_1.gif WHERE:  IHAS offers CDS in every county in Texas. You have a right    to see a complete list of all CDSAs available in your area and your program, to evaluate the CDSAs, and to make an informed choice. IHAS currently offers CDS services in all Star Plus HMO service areas and will offer uninterrupted services to current clients living in the HMO expansion areas.  























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